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He came to set the captive free
The Purpose of Ministering Deliverance

Guest what? This ministry isn't about demons! That's right! It's about guiding and helping you brothers and sisters come into victory that Christ died to give you.

What is Deliverance?

Deliverance is being set free from spiritual bondages and barriers that hold us back from walking in the victory and freedom that Jesus won on the cross for us at Calvary. It's doesn't matter what you call it (demonized, possessed, oppressed, etc...) if you are in demonic bondage, whether you need to tear down a stronghold, break up a legal ground, cast out a demon, or all's still deliverance, because it's setting the captives free. Casting out demons, is just part of the overall ministry of deliverance.

It is the driving out of evil spirits by the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Four Important Elements of Deliverance Ministry

They are four fundamental elements needed to address in order the have a successful deliverance.

1. Inner Healing: Many times when a person has been abused, rejected, wounded, or hurt in some way, there is an emotional wounds that needs to be healed. Demons will use these wounds and weaknesses against the person, as leverage to hold them in bondage and get them to re-open doors so that they can re-enter. Inner healing is a vital step in the overall restoration process that needs to take place in the lives of many who are seeking deliverance. 

2. Tearing Down Strongholds: 

Stronghold are incorrect thinking patterns that people develop over time, and are often set up and nurture by demons through lies and deception. Demons thrive on strongholds, and use them to hang around a person and torment them.

Failing to tear down strongholds can hold up a deliverance and prevent us from walking in complete spiritual freedom.

3. Removing Legal Rights: Legal rights are things that give demons permission to enter and remain in our lives. Before demons can often be cast out, it is important to address and remove these legal rights.

Failing to remove legal rights can hold up a deliverance very easily.

4. Casting out the Demons: This requires two basic elements:

1. Knowledge of your authority in Christ Jesus over the powers of the enemy.

2. Faith in that authority.

Always remember this important point: It's not about the's about you child of God receiving and walking in the freedom that Christ died to give you.

If you think you need deliverance, contact the ministry.

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