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To Touch the World with God's Word, Presence and Power.


FOFIM Exists

  1. To bring people into intimacy with the Lord through the prophetic mantle.

  2. ​To exhort, teach, equip and train believers to walk in Holiness and the Fear of the Lord.

  3. To exhort, teach, equip and train believers to know their authority in Christ.

  4. To advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism, outreach, mission and church planting.

  5. To preach the complete gospel including healing and deliverance.

At FOFIM, we are committed to our MISSION.

Praying Hands
core values


We are Committed to :

  1. Faith – a belief in God and a commitment to the Bible as His infallible word

  2. Holiness – acting with transparency, accountability and integrity

  3. Excellence – a commitment to exceptional practices that lead to exceptional results

  4. People – we are passionate about people; loving, respecting and serving one another as family

  5. Unity – working together to fulfill our misson

  6. Humility – recognising and appreciating that all that we do and have is by the grace of God

  7. Generosity – giving of our time, our talent and our treasure to serve the kingdom of God

  8. Kingdom Orientation – we are committed to using our resources to serve the body of Christ

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