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Shalom !!!

Thank you for connecting with us,  we are delighted to welcome you to Flame of Fire International Ministries. (FOFIM).

FOFIM is an end time prophetic, bible community of believers with a mandate from God to equip, empower and ignite people to release the prophetic fire, passion and power of God.

Prophet Guy Mboladinga

We are dedicated to discipling people to know their authority and identity in Christ.

We are committed to the prophetic voice of God, to the salvation of souls by grace, to the healing power of the Holy Spirit and to setting the captives free through inner healing and the deliverance power of the Holy Spirit and desire that all people walk in the fullness of God through the victory purchased at the cross.


FOFIM is a Prophetic, Healing and Deliverance Spirit filled ministry led by the Holy Spirit.


We are commissioned by God to bring Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance to the body of Christ and to the world through the Prophetic Voice of God.


To fulfil the Great Commission with Miracles, Signs and Wonders following (Mark 16:20) through outreach, evangelism, conferences, missions and church planting.


We teach and preach to the church in order to prepare the elect for the second coming of Jesus Christ and to be a voice of warning to the nations.


We welcome you with the love of God to join us at our weekly meetings. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


I Pray that the Prophetic anointing will rest upon you and give you the breakthrough and victory that you have been looking for in Jesus name.



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