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The utterance of the man whose eyes are opened. The utterance of him who hears the words of God, and has knowledge of the Most High, who sees the vision of the Almighty, who falls down, with eyes wide open. Numbers 24:3

What is a Prophetic Ministry ?

The prophetic is not only about hearing and speaking, it is about hearing and doing what God wants done here on earth.

The Prophetic Church

God is raising up prophetic believers who not only serve within the local church, but also prophetic believers who are affecting the marketplace through practical ideas and strategies they have received from God. God is raising up prophets like Joseph and Daniel who will represent Him and be His prophetic voice in the high places of the earth today. God want you to be part of His Prophetic Church.

What is a Prophetic Church?

A prophetic church, really, is a biblical church, one with the influence of prophetic ministry and teaching flowing into and out of it.

1. A prophetic church is shaped by a prophet or prophets.

Prophetic churches are shaped by a prophet or prophets. They prophetically influence the church by shaping it and by developing a prophetic culture.

2. A prophetic church pursues encounters and experiences with God.

The prophetic ministry will lead the church and others to encounter and experience God. Because God is real and His the God of Experience who loves to fellowship with His people in a tangible way.

3. Prophetic church is passionate about prayer

Prayer and intercession is the heart and lifeblood of a church. The book of Acts shows us that when God’s people gather together to pray, things happen.

There is a unique transaction that happens when a corporate body prays – as they share their heart with God, He shares His heart with them. In effect, this is what the ministry of intercession is – prophetic prayer in line with the heart of God for the world around them. God reveals His will to us, and we pray in line with His will. 

4. A prophetic church embraces all the gifts of the Spirit

The Corinthian church had all the gifts but didn’t minister them in a way that was honouring to God or to each other. The Apostle Paul counsels them in his letters to bring some structure and format to the sharing of revelation. We must understand that the gifting of God's Holy - Spirit gifts is a peculiar mixture of the work of God and work of man, meaning we need to apply skill and development to maximise what God has put in us. 


Therefore, a prophetic church promote, develop and steward all the spiritual gifts and not just the few.

5. A prophetic church promotes a deeper inner life

Prophetic churches, because of their heart for authentic spiritual communion with God, pursue healthy inner lives for their people. This means there will be teaching and resources on subjects like identity, inner healing, deliverance, spiritual disciplines and spiritual formation.  Without this focus, the church runs the risk of becoming a place where the external and internal as in disparity. Activity can trump attitude. When this happens, the church can become a place of moralism, intellectualism or activism, without any real or authentic spirituality.

6. A prophetic church priorities personal and social righteousness

In the Old Testament, the prophets were God’s spokesmen. They functioned like his covenant enforcers, telling the people – and kings – how God saw their side of keeping covenant with Him. Three issues recurred throughout their ministries – idolatry, immorality and injustice. The prophets warned the people when they followed false gods (idolatry), embraced sinful lifestyles (immorality), and mistreated the widows, orphans and strangers amongst them (injustice). God cared a lot about these three issues then, and He still does now. The heart of heaven hasn’t changed, and so the prophetic role still will involve speaking out about modern-day idolatry, immorality and injustice in individual lives, in the church, and in society at large. The prophetic church both ‘speaks out’ and ‘speaks to’, meaning the church should care about injustice when it happens, and seek to see an increase of righteousness and holiness when it addresses issues. A church that is failing to speak, or act, about injustice on its watch is one that is not representing the heart of God well.


Ultimately, we can define prophetic ministry and teaching as ‘connecting people to the Presence of God so they see, hear and feel Him for themselves’. It reveals the heart of God through words and actions. Prophetic teaching and ministry is not just about judgment because God is a God of Love. It is also about his kindness – which leads us to repentance – and His mercy, grace, and goodness. The prophetic presents God for who He is, not who we or others think He is.

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